Razan, I’d like to thank you for coming into my life. Your wonderful skills have opened up an awareness of coaching that was quite different from my expectations. They have helped me move gracefully and confidently through a challenging time. The power and precision of your coaching has moved me forward personally and has inspired me to carry this forward  in my own journey as a coach.

Moira.  Enneagram Trainer and Coach


I was very happy with my coaching experience with Razan.  I felt Razan helped bring about this new and deepened awareness of issues affecting my life.  I also felt she did an excellent job of listening-allowing me the time to express my own thoughts-which helped me to truly focus on areas I wanted and needed to grow in.  I recommend her highly!

Scott Tafoya, Pastor & Life Coach, United States


I approached Razan for coaching in the areas of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. I wasn’t really sure what results I would achieve by the end of the 12-week coaching relationship. After only 3 weeks I have experienced incredible shifts in perspective. These shifts have had a very powerful effect on my life. I end each session feeling incredibly energized. With this energy and increased clarity, I am better able to focus on actions that I have committed to for our next session. I would highly recommend working with Razan.

Gavin Kirk, Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Cape Town Area, South Africa, Education Management


Razan is a go-getter. She is dedicated to perfecting her craft and enabling others to reach their potential. She genuinely cares deeply about others and expresses her desire thoroughly. She is a motivated learner and is an extremely competent emotional intelligence expert. I have come to know Razan personally and she has a magnetic personality as well as a fierce determination to succeed.

Keith Lawrence Miller, Executive Director – The Elite Coach, The Million Dollar Coaching Company, NY, US

I was in touch with a personal EQ Trainer from Wisdom Within Consultancy, who helped me through one of the toughest periods in my life. She helped me enhance my self-awareness, which then led to my finding different perspectives to my problem. Her humane and sincere approach helped me open up to new possibilities in my life.

I can’t describe in words what she has done to help me. I would like to say a big Thank You to her and would definitely recommend Wisdom Within Consultancy to anyone who is seeking help in overcoming obstacles.

Deema Hammoudeh, ON, Canada


Practicing Life Coaching with Razan Kilani two sessions now, AMMMAAAZZZing. I am discovering myself and my potentials, starting to know  where I am going. To everyone who is feeling lost, overwhelmed or if you need a hand to walk back on the right track, you should try it.

Aya Baghdadi, Amman, Jordan


Razan demonstrated her dedication to her clients through her warmth and sincerity. Her collaborative nature, in addition to her generosity made her a great asset to her team.

Sonya Thomas, ON, Canada


What a great ‘change agent! Working with her was a real pleasure. I believe she would be real asset to any company or client, who wishes to work with her in the future.

Jayne Morrison, Regional Director, Six Seconds ME, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence, Dubai, UAE


I had a close knowledge of her abilities and her strengths, and was very fortunate to get to know her well personally. Razan has a high level of personal commitment … She has very high levels of fluency in English and an articulacy which crosses linguistic boundaries. She is curious and interested in cultural matters and is very able to find her way around new environments and social networks… She is also very attuned to social protocols and is responsive to individuals she meets in way which ensure she would be very good in any professional context which involved ‘people skills’.

 Gillian Swanson, Reader in Cultural History, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK


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