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Welcome to Wisdom Within Coaching, part of Wisdom Within Consultancy.

We’d like you to join us as part of our clientele. All you need to know is just send us an email on to sign up now for our first free trial session.
To make a payment for your session in advance, simply click on the following image button, and you will be directed to a PayPal page, where you can make your transactions.

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You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a transaction on PayPal.

If you like your experience with us, and you would like to become a recurring clients, you have several options for affordable Individual and Corporate packages. Below are our prices:

Individual and Corporate Coaching Packages:
Individual Coaching session = CAD 90 (1 session).
1-Month Individual Coaching = CAD 340 (4 sessions).
3-Months Individual Coaching = CAD 1040 (12 sessions).
6-Month Individual Coaching = CAD 2100 (24 sessions).
Corporate Coaching session – CAD 200 (1 session).
1-Month Corporate Coaching = CAD 780 (4 sessions).
3-Month Corporate Coaching = CAD 2360 (12 sessions).

Prices do not include tax.

We look forward to partnering with you on a wonderful life journey!
You’ll love it! You’ll see! 🙂

Wisdom Within Coaching


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