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You Already Have All You Need

A few remarks made by one of my most creative coachees once that still ring in my ears: Everyone already has all they need, but they don’t realize it. They keep looking out there for fulfillment, but they don’t look at what they already have that they can make the most of.

This has made me apply this perspective on everybody around me and everyone I had dealt with. I realized that it was true. Most people thought they needed to learn more things, earn more money, lose some weight, etc. to be happy and fulfill their goals, but what they haven’t realized yet is that they already have the most important components that allow their brains and bodies to take them to where they wish to be. All they needed was acting upon those components!

Can you imagine what a great and positive shift in perspective you’d have if you just believed you already had what you needed?

Can gratitude and keeping a daily “I’m Grateful For” Journal help you achieve that?

Alternatively, does stopping to look outside for reassurance be the key?

In my opinion, the combination of all of these can be extremely powerful if we just believed in it!

Why abuse and bully yourself, your partner or your kids for things you think are necessary? Why not harness what you all have and act upon that positively (i.e. productively)? This means that we positively (not judgmentally) support one another to achieve what we’re inviting them to achieve.

Love of others happens truly after self-love exists. So trust yourself and love it for whatever it is, then you’ll start seeing the world from a positive perspective. At the end of the day, what’s the point of proving everyone else guilty or wrong? False sense of victory?

Cheer up, count your blessings, feel grateful for them and choose the right actions to make the most out of them.


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