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Are We Losing Our Human Interaction Soon?

I’ve been sick for the past two weeks, and so I was just checking you tube for its latest interesting clips. Then, I found this really interesting one about Human-like robots. My initial feeling was fear. As I contemplated about my feeling, I said: Maybe fear towards a change or something new is normal. However, I reflected some more, I just realized the great dual and paradoxical role technology has played in helping us on the one hand, and alienating us from human interaction, leading to more individualism, isolation and lack of interaction with society.

Who knows how these robots are going to serve us in the future? I can definitely see parents buying them to babysit their kids. So, what role model will that child have then: An ice-cold looking, slow-moving robot, which may not be able to echo back its excitement upon making the first step, or holding the spoon for the first time, or shedding a tear with him if baby falls down?

Maybe that’s all too early, but I do respect my feeling of fear towards these human-looking robots. They will definitely be taking real human’s jobs. When? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!



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