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Why Active Listening?


Listening is usually identified as a positive personality trait. It can be seen as a virtue and a sign of ‎generosity and wisdom, which may place listeners at high regard in front of other people. Therefore, ‎many individuals may not hesitate to say they are good listeners, but may do so when confessing they ‎are good talkers.

Listening may seem like an easy process, but active or power listening is a specialized skill, which can be ‎acquired through the intentional training of oneself to focus on what is and isn’t being said. A Certified Professional Coach practices power listening through actively listening to his clients.

One can ‎enhance their powerful listening skills over time by attempting to increase the number of seconds, for ‎which one can stay focused. One of the ways to practice this skill is through counting to 50 silently. If ‎we can try to maintain our counting progress for that period of time, we have practiced the skill of ‎power listening for almost one minute. Now this may seem like a short amount of time ‎but in a conversation this can be quite a long one. ‎

One of the key areas of becoming a power/ active listener is to determine whether you value this skill or ‎not. If we ask ourselves whether it is important enough to spend much of our time listening to what ‎other people say, and whether anything they say may offer any benefit to our life. Can we really listen to ‎someone if we can’t directly see the connection between what they are saying and whether it holds ‎any value to us.‎

By practicing this powerful skill regularly, we allow it to be part of our conscious thinking process, and ‎we will start to become more aware of how we often listen to others. We may start to observe ‎ourselves in conversations.‎
Jumping in too early is a guilt trap many people may fall in, but the good news is that we can acquire ‎and develop our skills in listening and trying to understand what the other person is saying and how ‎they are linking things in their own logic. ‎

A good coach is one who listens well, and makes their client feel valued and relieved, through ‎sharing their thoughts and feelings with their coach. That can make clients feel at ease to realize their ‎problems should not take control of them, and that solutions are possible through the voluntary ‎interaction between coach and client.‎

‎ A good coach discerns what is truly motivating, triggering and inspiring a client, and becomes part of ‎his joy, sadness, and celebrations. A coach’s main focus while listening is to understand what inspires ‎the client and what obstacles stand in the way of realizing this inspiration. ‎

Finally, coaches can try to listen to what the client is not saying, i.e. read between the lines.‎Non-verbal communication plays a large role in communication. Therefore, not everything we say means what we really want to say.

Active Listening is a skill when refined to a professional level can open the door to a speaker’s internal wisdom. Empathy is the window for that interaction between speaker and listener. Therefore, being actively present for their clients, coaches try their best to focus mainly on what their client really wants to say.

Everyone needs a coach, why not try it for yourself.

It works!




Hi, I am Coach Razan Kilani. I am certified by the International Coach Federation as a PCC. I have coached over 35 clients for over 1500 hours. I love my work! It's been such an honor for me to share my clients' lives, troubles, achievements and precious moments. Together, we nurtured their paths and mine towards success and happiness. My job interprets who I am and very much enables me to fulfill my innermost values in life, such as giving, understanding, respecting, caring and going on perseveringly. I established Wisdom Within Consultancy over 6 years ago, and has catered to wide ranges of my clients, of all ages, circumstances, and challenges. At Wisdom Within Consultancy, we offer Emotional Intelligence highly Certified Coaching to individuals and groups, comprising all ages and different fields of work. We coach business groups, yet we do focus on the person interacting in the different aspects of his or her life (parenting, relationship and work). Coach Razan empowers you to achieve goals you have always wanted to achieve, and to overcome obstacles that are hindering your progress in life and work. With over 6 years of international experience, I would love to support you to find your inner voice, and live the life you wish to live, in order to be happy, successful and content. Contact me on and begin your life changing journey! If you feel stuck in any way, then Wisdom Within Coaching can help you. Low self-confidence, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, social anxiety, weight loss, reducing your social and emotional anxiety and stress, improving your or your employees' performance, finding time to meditate or to spend time with your loved ones and if you need help in realizing your dream goals, get the work you want, etc. then please contact us on We can help you get unstuck and move toward the life you really want to live from now on. Join us!

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