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10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting: Nurturing Your Child’s Soul

A friend, Beryl Comar, shared in the Six Seconds newsletter, the ten principles of how parents can raise their kids and refine their levels of spirituality.

Very interesting!

I truly believe this can help elevate kids’ awareness level from body to soul, which would offer a wiser perspective on life in general.



“10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting: Nurturing Your Child’s Soul”  by Mimi Doe.

The parents I have worked with that have started using the principles say it has given them new perspectives on their parenting  … and they find new ways to spend  time with their children
Doe offers exercises, affirmations, and activities for parents for each spiritual parenting principle e.g.:
Spiritual Principle #1: Knowing God Cares for You. “Establish daily spiritual habits and household rituals & pray anytime you hear a siren & Send a blessing to everyone involved in the emergency incident & paint or draw pictures of God & point out simple signs of God in your child’s life: the perfect snowflake, the lunar eclipse, the magic of spring & Learn about the world’s religions & create a family alter.”
Spiritual Principle #2: Trust and teach that all life is connected and has a purpose. “Bring nature inside and let your family observe growth & Get involved in neighborhood beautification projects & Celebrate Earth Day & Take a hike & plant a butterfly garden or window box & Adopt a cause.”
Spiritual Principle #3: Listen to your child. “Have mealtime conversations & ask your child to write some prayers that the whole family can use & Make dates for one-on-one with your children & Set up specific discussion themes and times & Read books with your child & have family meetings & Wish upon a star with your child.”
Spiritual Principle #4: Words are important, use them with care. “Write a poem about your pets & Create a cartoon character that represents you & Create a story box & Grab your journal before you go to sleep at night and jot down five images of your child from the day & write the story of your child’s birth & plant secret love notes & Pray together as a family & tape record your daily conversations.”
Spiritual Principle #5: Allow and encourage dreams, wishes and hopes. “Spend time role-playing a dream & create a dream book & point out examples of good luck throughout the day & encourage team activities, sports, and interest groups & Ask each family member to draw or write his goals or dreams”
Spiritual Principle #6: Add magic to the ordinary. “Look for the fairy in the soap bubbles when you wash dishes & walk in the rain & Arrange the bedsheets into a tent and turn an ordinary night into an enchanted imaginary camp-out & watch the moon come out & Have a picnic indoors & Try waking your child with a song & Play in the snow & come up with a family logo or family slogan.”
Spiritual Principle #7: Create a flexible structure. “Take a recess from dishwashing for a night & turn out the lights and just use candles & have fun with a monthly dinner with international cuisine and music & choose a direction and walk for ten minutes that way & get silly & talk in a silly language.”
Spiritual Principle #8: Be a positive mirror for your child. “Acknowledge your mistakes & sing hymns, drum, chant, or pray & Ask the blessing at mealtimes, say goodnight prayers, ask for a safe journey & laugh & List five traits you like about yourself as a child & support and cheer on others & yell or hold up cheering signs & smile.”
Spiritual Principle #9: Release the struggle. “Release you image of an ideal family & accept that children are not always going to please you & take a quiet day & slow down & Help your child create a peaceful place in her mind & imagine a restful setting & Ask your child to place his hands on his heart. Feel the beating & picture light around your home & meditate & take a hot bath & Form a parent group & push back the furniture and allow your child to dance their energy out.”
Spiritual Principle #10: Make each day a new beginning. “Validate successes at the day’s end, even small ones such as waking up on time & It’s alright to say no & Don’t sweat the small stuff & rethink your priorities today & Play with the idea that you have no limits & Start the morning on a peaceful note. If it means making lunches and laying out school clothes the night before, do so & get up fifteen minutes earlier & Encourage children to eat slowly &Walk like a winner & In the evening visualize how you would like tomorrow to turn out.”


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