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Do you catch yourself sometimes when you are exhibiting classic signs of nervousness, like shaking your leg while standing or sitting down, feeling a faint trembling in your hands and a fast-palpitating heart, biting your nails, or feeling out of breath and a tightness of chest?

We may have become so used to experiencing these feelings that we have stopped feeling them anymore. Our lives have taken a fast pace and so have we, in terms of responding to daily chores, duties and tasks.

Nervousness can be caused by several causes, to list a few:

  • Having been upset previously by someone, yet you have been too busy to respond to them and sort things out. However, you are still carrying the negative emotion at heart.
  • Having so many things to do during the limited hours of the day, which gives you a fake sensation that that day will last forever and so will your energy; that you got plenty of time to do whatever you have to do, in addition to extra matters that come up.
  • Knowing you can’t accept anymore chores yet you can’t say No to whoever is assigning them to you. Therefore, you end up carrying more than you can bear.
  • Wishing to achieve a certain goal, which you remind yourself of every day, yet you keep getting distracted by other matters, which can sometimes be even more urgent than the goal you had set for yourself.

Whatever is causing to subconsciously feel nervous has to be addressed in conscious mode. “The subconscious is a child”, as Byron Katie says, and it believes whatever we are telling it. Therefore, if we gain more awareness around this state of feeling and being (nervousness), we may have more control over our prioritizing mechanism, and the choices that we make on daily basis.

Here are some of the ways, through which you can develop the habit of catching yourself regularly exhibiting signs of stress or nervousness:

Have a Stop-And-Leave-Your-Spot technique: Always keep checking with yourself on how you feel at that point of the day. As soon as you catch your leg shaking and you feel your blood boiling up to hit the top point of your head, make sure to leave the place where you are (your desk, house, car, etc.) and moving to another spot, where it is safe, refreshing and different. Ask yourself about 3 things: How do you feel? What are your thoughts around the matter in mind? And what are/were the actions corresponding with your feelings and thoughts?

Do something nice for yourself at least once a day: Keep reminding yourself of it. It does not have to be costly or requires further planning. It can be a simple flower with the color and style that you like.

Do something nice for other people at least once a day: Doing something nice to others always makes us feel great. It also reminds us of how connected we are to other people, whether they are family or not. Listening can be one effective and inexpensive way to do so.

Remind yourself of the good things that come your way at the time you go to bed. Never allow anyone to deprive you from your Before-Bedtime thoughts. This is a great opportunity for you to become aware of the day’s events and news, connect with your spiritual self (larger self) through contemplation, which often enables to generate creative solutions to certain problems in your mind.

Keep reminding yourself of who you are and who you always want to be: You are unique, and so is everyone around you. Do not allow comparing yourself to others to block you, and do not allow comparing others to you make you feel superior. Either way, you are blocking yourself automatically because you are disconnecting from your larger self, larger life purpose.

– Finally, Remember Your Thoughts Translate Into Action: You are what you think, as Dr. Wayne Dyer said repeatedly. The way you thinking of yourself, your life, your kids, etc. is what you are going to have constantly. So end the vicious cycle of self-criticism, pessimism and fear, and try to contemplate more positive concepts about yourself and your life.

You are a truly unique person. If you do not think so, a coach can definitely help you arrive to this proven conclusion.

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Hi, I am Coach Razan Kilani. I am certified by the International Coach Federation as a PCC. I have coached over 35 clients for over 1500 hours. I love my work! It's been such an honor for me to share my clients' lives, troubles, achievements and precious moments. Together, we nurtured their paths and mine towards success and happiness. My job interprets who I am and very much enables me to fulfill my innermost values in life, such as giving, understanding, respecting, caring and going on perseveringly. I established Wisdom Within Consultancy over 6 years ago, and has catered to wide ranges of my clients, of all ages, circumstances, and challenges. At Wisdom Within Consultancy, we offer Emotional Intelligence highly Certified Coaching to individuals and groups, comprising all ages and different fields of work. We coach business groups, yet we do focus on the person interacting in the different aspects of his or her life (parenting, relationship and work). Coach Razan empowers you to achieve goals you have always wanted to achieve, and to overcome obstacles that are hindering your progress in life and work. With over 6 years of international experience, I would love to support you to find your inner voice, and live the life you wish to live, in order to be happy, successful and content. Contact me on and begin your life changing journey! If you feel stuck in any way, then Wisdom Within Coaching can help you. Low self-confidence, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, social anxiety, weight loss, reducing your social and emotional anxiety and stress, improving your or your employees' performance, finding time to meditate or to spend time with your loved ones and if you need help in realizing your dream goals, get the work you want, etc. then please contact us on We can help you get unstuck and move toward the life you really want to live from now on. Join us!

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