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Good & Bad Are Two Great Teachers

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One of the miracles in our lives is that we are constantly faced by two great teachers: The Good & The Bad. The Good may teach us a lot of good things, but The Bad can teach us profound lessons that may be crucially decisive in the choices we make in our lives.

Life can be so tricky sometimes. We face the good and the bad, yet we may never notice that both currents are teaching us a lot of valuable lessons. It is almost like we get in between two strong yet contradicting waves, each pushing us towards a different direction.

Live your life to best spiritual standards you can get, consult your conscience as often as you can, feel your pain as well as others, contemplate, meditate and celebrate. Then, you will be more likely to stop focusing on your own worries and fears of failure and you will commit to a better plan of actions with the insight that no matter what downs you get, you will still benefit from them by learning to avoid them in future endeavors.

The following is a short story by the famous inspirational writer, Paolo Cuelho, that recommends considering the good and the bad are two great teachers, to find the good even in the bad, with the objective of learning and moving on to better destinations.

“The master met one night with his disciples, and asked them to
build a campfire so they could sit and talk. “The spiritual path is
like a fire that burns before us,” he said. “A man who wants to light
the fire has to bear with the disagreeable smoke that makes it difficult
for him to breathe, and brings tears to his eyes. That is how his faith
is rediscovered. However, once the fire is rekindled, the smoke
disappears, and the flames illuminate everything around him — providing
heat and tranquility.” “But what if someone else lights the fire for
him?” asked one of the disciples. “And if someone helps us to avoid the
smoke?” “If someone does that, he is a false master. A master
capable of taking the fire to wherever he desires, or of extinguishing
it whenever he wants to do so. And, since he has taught no one how to
light the fire, he is likely to leave everyone in the darkness.”

Peace and love to everyone who’s reading my posts.




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