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What Are You Grateful For Today?

Many books and wise speakers have advocated creating a Gratitude Journal. Dr. Wayne Dyer recommends gratitude as a way to invite more abundance in life. To me, basically being grateful is choosing to see what is beautiful in your day, friends, life, etc. Anything can have a beautiful side, despite how dark it could be. Even the dark scary nights are considered in the optimistic minds as serene, calm and relaxing. The echoing noises of insects at night, are considered by others as the ‘feel of outdoor’ or a natural harmonious orchestra. Therefore, to learn how to be grateful is to see at least two sides of the same matter, and choose cognitively to see the positive over the negative. Then, gratitude flows with warm energy throughout your body, and suddenly you start noticing the sun, the birds, the flowers, colors, etc.

Once you achieve that, develop a habit of writing down every day (or be mindful of) at least three things you are grateful for in your day. Soon, you will start seeing your list getting longer each day. 🙂  So open your eyes and start living in beauty! 🙂

Today, I had a good relaxing day, despite all the hassles entailed. I’m grateful for three things:

1- Sipping and warming my hands with a warm and decadent Second Cup Mocha coffee, with Whipped cream. (Doesn’t work otherwise)

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
Image via Wikipedia

2- Relaxing while listening to Il Divo. Lately, I’d been so busy listening to exciting audio-books, so I have not listened to music for a long time as a result.

The Promise (Il Divo album)
Image via Wikipedia

3- Breathing in the fresh, cool and crisp Autumn air, while contemplating the beautiful yellow, orange, red and brown colors of nature around this time of year.

There’s so much beauty in the world. Join me, and add to my list of gratitude! 🙂




Hi, I am Coach Razan Kilani. I am certified by the International Coach Federation as a PCC. I have coached over 35 clients for over 1500 hours. I love my work! It's been such an honor for me to share my clients' lives, troubles, achievements and precious moments. Together, we nurtured their paths and mine towards success and happiness. My job interprets who I am and very much enables me to fulfill my innermost values in life, such as giving, understanding, respecting, caring and going on perseveringly. I established Wisdom Within Consultancy over 6 years ago, and has catered to wide ranges of my clients, of all ages, circumstances, and challenges. At Wisdom Within Consultancy, we offer Emotional Intelligence highly Certified Coaching to individuals and groups, comprising all ages and different fields of work. We coach business groups, yet we do focus on the person interacting in the different aspects of his or her life (parenting, relationship and work). Coach Razan empowers you to achieve goals you have always wanted to achieve, and to overcome obstacles that are hindering your progress in life and work. With over 6 years of international experience, I would love to support you to find your inner voice, and live the life you wish to live, in order to be happy, successful and content. Contact me on and begin your life changing journey! If you feel stuck in any way, then Wisdom Within Coaching can help you. Low self-confidence, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, social anxiety, weight loss, reducing your social and emotional anxiety and stress, improving your or your employees' performance, finding time to meditate or to spend time with your loved ones and if you need help in realizing your dream goals, get the work you want, etc. then please contact us on We can help you get unstuck and move toward the life you really want to live from now on. Join us!

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