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Where Do You Find Your Peace?

When we think of Holidays, we tend to think of beaches, exotic countries, swimming pools, sea side, etc. We may constantly link the concept of ‘relief and relaxation with a location that is ‘out there’. In addition to that, we may link ‘relief and comfort’ with objects (like food, clothes etc.) or activities (playing volleyball, suntanning, hanging out with friends, etc). Yet, we may never stop to notice that our key source of peace lies within ourselves, and it’s accessible at any time, provided you are really attuned to it.

If we’re in a stressful situation, instead of heading off for a cigarette or the fridge, we may want to take some ‘Time Out’ with ourselves, where we could truly access our true self, see what it is really telling us regarding the matter, and understanding our emotions.

Some people I have met in my life don’t even know what their own self is about. They never pay attention to it in their daily lives. They had never learned to access it or listen to it. Other people consider ‘feelings or emotions’ a weakness so they have learned to disregard them when making decisions.

But what if I told you that the answer to most of your life queries lied in you? What if you were able to know what you really want and have the abilities to access it?

Have you seen the movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth”? Most movies we are used to journey a planet outside of Earth, Armaggedon, Apolo 13, etc. What if I can take you on a Holiday to the Center of Yourself? I wonder how that would look. Don’t you?

We’ll be guided by your own inner compass in this journey, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. So many things will start making sense to you, as we go along. Just after you get there, you’ll get back to your daily life a completely changed person, whose life is one that is 100% worth living to the max.

We believe that Wisdom is Within You, and you hold the answers to your own life’s mysteries.

If you want to be on board of the most exciting adventure of your life, make sure to contact us, and we will start the preparations! 🙂

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Hi, I am Coach Razan Kilani. I am certified by the International Coach Federation as a PCC. I have coached over 35 clients for over 1500 hours. I love my work! It's been such an honor for me to share my clients' lives, troubles, achievements and precious moments. Together, we nurtured their paths and mine towards success and happiness. My job interprets who I am and very much enables me to fulfill my innermost values in life, such as giving, understanding, respecting, caring and going on perseveringly. I established Wisdom Within Consultancy over 6 years ago, and has catered to wide ranges of my clients, of all ages, circumstances, and challenges. At Wisdom Within Consultancy, we offer Emotional Intelligence highly Certified Coaching to individuals and groups, comprising all ages and different fields of work. We coach business groups, yet we do focus on the person interacting in the different aspects of his or her life (parenting, relationship and work). Coach Razan empowers you to achieve goals you have always wanted to achieve, and to overcome obstacles that are hindering your progress in life and work. With over 6 years of international experience, I would love to support you to find your inner voice, and live the life you wish to live, in order to be happy, successful and content. Contact me on and begin your life changing journey! If you feel stuck in any way, then Wisdom Within Coaching can help you. Low self-confidence, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, social anxiety, weight loss, reducing your social and emotional anxiety and stress, improving your or your employees' performance, finding time to meditate or to spend time with your loved ones and if you need help in realizing your dream goals, get the work you want, etc. then please contact us on We can help you get unstuck and move toward the life you really want to live from now on. Join us!

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